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Advantages Of Road Shot Blasting Machine Used In Road Shot Blasting

Source:Guanyu Machinery2020-08-09

The road shot blasting machine plays a great role in detecting concrete defects in advance and preventing them before they happen. The more backward surface treatment methods used include: manual slurry accumulation, wire brushing, hair chiseling, etc., which can not achieve dust-free operation, 100% wound surface, no damage to aggregates, and low construction efficiency.

Road Shot Blasting Machine
Road Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting technology is widely used in the construction of bridge deck waterproof layer, steel box girder anti-corrosion construction, concrete and asphalt pavement maintenance and other fields. The domestically advanced base surface treatment process is shot blasting by road shot blasting machine. Through mechanical principle, the shot material is thrown out at high speed by the high-speed rotation of the shot blasting wheel to impact the base surface that needs to be treated, and it is equipped with supporting facilities. The dust removal equipment realizes the separation of pellets and dust.

Incorrect processing techniques and methods for the base surface will seriously affect the bonding effect of the base surface and the upper surface material, coating material, and waterproof material, severely restrict the performance of the material itself, and cause serious damage to the quality of the project. It involves: bridge waterproofing, concrete overlay (white to black), asphalt overlay (micro-surface, slurry seal, etc.), and various other functional overlays.


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