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CAPE90 Multifunctional Paver

The high-strength double vibrating device has the characteristics of high pre-compaction density and good uniformity of density.


Product Details

CAPE90 multifunctional paver is a high-end model developed and manufactured by our company. This product is mainly used for paving the base and surface layers of high-grade highways. It fully absorbs the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. The whole machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, good construction quality, and high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for construction units.

This machine has large traction force, compact structure and convenient operation. It adopts hydraulic extension type screed, with double vibrating and vibrating device and imported automatic leveling device, so it has high paving flatness and compactness. The wear-resistant parts of this machine are made of world-class wear-resistant materials, which improves the reliability of the whole machine.


Basic Paving Width 3000mm

Hydraulic Extending Width 5750mm

Max. Paving Width 9000mm

Max. Paving Thickness 320mm

Min. Paving Thickness 20mm

Walking Speed 0~2.9km/h

Paving Speed 0~19m/min

Flatness σ≤1.2mm (Asphalt)

6mm/3m Straightedge (Stable Materials)

Road Camber 3%

Max. Theoretical Productivity 600t/h

Hopper Volume 14t

Max. Climbing Capacity 20%


Overall Length 6762mm

Overall Width 3182mm

Overall Height 3990mm

Diesel Engine

Model SC9DK240G3

Type 6 cylinders water colling

Power 177kW/2200r/min

Diesel Tank Volume 345L

Drive system: The machine is fully hydraulically driven. The engine is connected to the transfer case to drive the hydraulic pumps to provide power to the following mechanisms

●. Left and right crawler driving device

●. Left and right conveying device

●. Left and right dividing device

●. Double vibrating device

●. Vibration device

●. Hopper folding, screed lifting, telescoping and pivot cylinder

Driving device: The crawler devices on both sides are independent hydraulic driving systems and controlled by microcomputer. It is composed of a variable motor and a planetary reducer with a large speed ratio. The variable motor and the planetary reducer are connected as a whole and are directly installed in the drive wheel hub.

Carrying method: Each of the two tracks has ten lubrication-free track rollers, which are tensioned by accumulators, and the rubber track shoes can be replaced. The grounding area of each track is 3247mm×320mm.

Parking brake: Hydraulic normally closed disc brakes are installed in each of the two traveling planetary reducers for parking brakes.

Steer: By turning the steering potentiometer to the left and right, the speed of the left and right driving wheels of the track is changed to realize the steering.

Hopper:The hopper has a capacity of about 14 tons, and the hopper is folded and turned by a hydraulic stroke cylinder to completely empty the material.

Push roller: It can swing and is used to push the rear wheels of trucks with materials.

Conveying device: The scraper is used for conveying, and the conveying bottom plate is made of imported wear-resistant steel plate.

CAPE90 Multifunctional Paver

●. Transmission: The scraper feeders on the left and right sides have independent hydraulic drive systems, which are composed of pumps, motors, reducers and chain drives. The driven sprocket drives the scraper to rotate.

●. Operating speed: 0-29 m/min, can be controlled manually by the switch on the console, or can be directly controlled automatically by the ultrasonic material sensor.

Distribution device: It adopts spiral material distribution, and the spiral blade adopts high wear-resistant material, which is easy to replace.

●. Transmission: The screw distributors on the left and right sides each have an independent closed hydraulic drive system, which is composed of a variable pump, a motor, a reducer and a chain drive, and the driven sprocket drives the spiral rotation.

●. Operating speed: 0-100 rpm, can be controlled by the switch on the console to achieve three-level speed change, and can also be directly controlled by the ultrasonic material sensor.

Control System: Equipped with S11 controller and two batteries, the system voltage is 24V.

Ceiling: adopt an integral assembly structure; and equipped with rain-proof and sun-proof shed cloth.

Automatic leveling device: equipped with a set of double-longitudinal automatic leveling device for longitudinal automatic leveling control and adjustment.

Working device: Pin-shaped hydraulic extension screed, gas heating, screed plate is made of imported wear-resistant steel plate.

1. Basic width of screed 3m

Extension width 5.75m

Maximum paving width 9m

Maximum paving arch degree 3%

2. Double vibrating

Iimpact frequency 0~1500 times/min

Impact stroke Main vibrator 3, 5, 7, 9mm

Vice vibrator 0, 3, 6, 9, 12mm

Pressure 30MPa

3. Vibration Vibration Frequency 0~50Hz

Pressure 20Mpa

4. Heating mode Gas heating automatic ignition

5. Mechanical extension 1 m -------2 sections

0.625m -------2 section

Application range of CAPE90 multifunctional paver:

——Used for paving the base layer and surface layer

◆Paving materials

●. Asphalt concrete mixture

●. Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

●. Various stabilized soil

●. Various stable pellets

●. Graded gravel

◆Paving works

●. Highways and highways

●. city road

●. airport runway

●. Parking lot and plaza

●. Water Conservancy Project

Main performance characteristics of CAPE90 type multifunctional paver:

◆Full hydraulic drive, microcomputer constant speed control, digital display and fault diagnosis function.

Applying mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integration technology, the left and right tracks are driven by independent closed hydraulic drive systems. The system is controlled by a microcomputer to realize automatic control of working speed at a constant speed; equipped with 2x24 display screens and a good man-machine interface. Real-time monitoring of machine status, with fault self-diagnosis function.

◆Using ultrasonic material level control for left and right conveying and distributing, realize automatic proportional and uniform feeding, reducing

Segregation phenomenon.

There are independent hydraulic drive systems for left and right feeding and distributing. The system adopts four ultrasonic level sensors for automatic control, and the feeding height is effectively controlled. The large-diameter spiral is adopted and the height can be adjusted up and down according to the requirements of the paving thickness, which reduces the segregation phenomenon and ensures the paving quality.

◆The automatic leveling instrument provides a reliable guarantee for the smoothness of the road surface.

Equipped with a double-longitudinal automatic leveling instrument, which can meet the flatness requirements of high-grade highway construction. And timely control, convenient and intuitive. It can effectively eliminate the ineffective filling of asphalt mixture and reduce construction costs.

◆High-strength double vibrating screed with vibrating device can achieve ideal paving effect regardless of paving base layer and surface layer.

The high-strength double vibrating device has the characteristics of high pre-compaction density and good uniformity of density. It is suitable for paving a variety of materials. With the addition of high-frequency vibration screed, and the advanced leveling system of this machine, no matter the base layer or the surface Layers can achieve the ideal paving effect.

◆The screed has anti-drop function.

It can ensure that the screed will not sink when the paver is stopped for materials, which avoids the occurrence of grooves on the paving layer.

◆German BEKA-MAX centralized lubrication system, automatic lubrication of high temperature and moving parts.

The centralized automatic lubrication system can automatically add lubricating grease to the bearings of all high-temperature parts, which greatly improves the reliability of the conveying and distribution transmission, and minimizes the machine failure rate.

◆A full set of key parts are imported.

The hydraulic parts, transfer case, reducer and other key components and wear-resistant steel plates of the easily worn parts are all famous brand products produced by world-class manufacturers to ensure the reliability of the machine and effectively extend the service life of the machine.

◆Humanized design improves driving comfort and operability.

Modern design methods, advanced design theories, and humanized design have improved the performance of the paver by a step, and the driving comfort and operability have been greatly improved, which effectively reduces the labor of the operators. Strength, improve work efficiency, and ensure paving quality.

(Attached) Imported parts configuration of CAPE90 multifunctional paver:

1. The pump and motor adopt the products of American SAUER-DANFOSS and German Bosch-REXROTH;

2. The hydraulic hose joint adopts the American PARKER company;

3. The reducer for conveying and distributing materials adopts Italian RR products;

4. The transfer case adopts Italian BREVINI products;

5. Centralized lubrication adopts German BEKA-MAX products;

6. The microprocessor adopts S11 controller of American SAUER company;

The 7.2x24 display adopts the product of American SAUER company;

8. The control switch and connector adopt German products.


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