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Blasting Machine

Blasting Machine

Dustless Recyclable Sandblasting Machine

F series seperated dustless recyclable sandblasting machine is a new type of environmental protection sandblasting machine designed by our company.


Product Details

Product use and characteristics

F series seperated dustless recyclable sandblasting machine is a new type of environmental protection sandblasting machine designed by our company. It is widely used in stainless steel, machinery, ships, bridges, railways, petroleum pipelines, boilers and port construction industries to remove rust on steel surface. 、 Surface strengthening; Can also be used for stainless steel surface matte, matte, beautification, no pickling and passivation, glass, stone and other surface engraving, spray decorative decoration. If equipped with an inner wall sandblaster, the inner wall of the pipe can be sandblasted. Used alone as an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The seperated type recycling sand blasting machine is divided into sand blasting part and recycling part. Compared with the traditional recycling recycling sand blasting machine, its biggest feature is that it can be used for multiple purposes. When the environmental protection requirements are strict, it can be used as a recycling-type sand blasting machine; when there are no environmental protection requirements and workers have protective measures, the blasting part can be used as an open-type sand blasting machine alone to improve work efficiency After sand blasting, use the abrasive recovery part to clean the work site with a sand dust separator to recover the scattered abrasive. You can also use open sand blasting at one part of the construction site, while using a sand dust separator at the other. sand. It can also be equipped with a special water blasting gun to handle complex small workpieces. Therefore, if the user purchases a seperated recycling sandblasting machine, he has four types of equipment: recycling sandblasting machine, open sandblasting machine, water sandblasting and sand dust separator.

Because this model has a separate blasting section, its abrasive capacity is greatly increased, and different tank diameters are available.

It also has unique abrasive and dust separation devices. And can adjust the separation level of abrasive and dust. When using different diameter or density abrasives, the size and density of the dust particles produced are also different. By adjusting the separator, the abrasive and dust can be accurately separated, the abrasive will not be taken away as dust, and the dust will not be left as abrasive.

Technical Parameters

F-series Environmental Sand Blaster

Working Way: Single-gun high pressure blasting, recyclable abrasives

Input power: AC380V 50Hz

Input air volume: 3-6m³ / min

Input wind source: 0.4-0.7kPa

Working pressure: 4-7 kg / cm²

Air consumption: 3-6m³/ min

Sand tank diameter: Φ700mm(Sand tank diameter 700-900mm is optional)

Nozzle throat diameter: Φ6-8mm

Sand cylinder volume: 0.45m³(600mm volume of sand cylinder)

Sand cylinder structure: single-layer pressurized silo

Sand loading: about 350-700kg

Motor power: 7.5kw

Working efficiency: 12-25 m² / h (Note: there will be differences according to the requirements of processing level, working conditions and sand)

Dust recovery: 100%

Cleaning level: Sa2.5-3

Working radius: 20m

Applicable abrasives: steel grit G40, brown corundum (brown corundum abrasive size is 16-24 mesh). When using steel grit, the working radius should be appropriately shortened.

Dust recovery: 100%

Abrasive particle size: ≤1.5mm

Dimensions: L1900mm × W700mm × H2000mm (subject to actual production)

Weight: about 480kg

Construction Sites
Construction Sites


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