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High Pressure Rotary Jet Grout Pump

The series of foundation reinforced pumps use advanced artificial intelligence control to have flow and accumulation functions, which can realize ...


Product Details

The series of foundation reinforced pumps use advanced artificial intelligence control to have flow and accumulation functions, which can realize digital display and control of pressure. At the same time, the series of products use variable frequency speed control, the circuit control loop is simple and reliable, through the simple operation panel, "fool-like" operation can be achieved, and a variety of operating parameters can be set and displayed through the powerful built-in operation display. The overall container protection system is adopted, which is environmentally friendly, simple and convenient to transport.

It can meet the technical parameters of traditional single-pipe, double-pipe and triple-pipe rotary spraying piles, and high-pressure rotary spraying methods such as MJS.RJP.SQJ.
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The series of foundation strengthening pumps are suitable for the construction of roads, railways, mines, ports, national defense and other fields, such as ground reinforcement, building settlement control, foundation anti-seepage curtain, retaining cofferdam, slope anchoring, mine plugging, well wall protection, etc.


1.Using intelligent control technology, real-time display of instantaneous flow, pressure and accumulated flow can be displayed and printed.

2. The hydraulic end uses a plunger lubrication structure, the seals effectively extend the service life, the wearing parts are easily and quickly replaced, and the alloy valve seat is durable and anti-wear, reducing the frequency of replacement parts during shutdown.

3. The frequency converter is adopted for speed regulation, eliminating the need for multiple faulty transmission parts such as mechanical gearboxes and clutches, which is smaller in size, compact in structure, and more reliable; it starts smoothly and saves energy, and has no impact on the power grid.

4. The electrical control circuit is simple and reliable. Through a simple operation panel, it can realize "fool-style" operation and display basic operating parameters; it can set and display various operating parameters of the equipment.

5. It has complete protection functions, which can comprehensively protect and control power loss, phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, torque, pump pressure, etc.

6, the overall use of container-type protection system (optional), environmental protection, simplicity, and convenient transportation.

7. It can meet the technical requirements of single-pipe, double-pipe and triple-pipe rotary jet pile construction and the construction of ultra-high-pressure rotary jet method such as MJS, RJP.

Main Parameters

Model DJB ---2B DJB---220 DJB---280
Plunger Dia.(mm) 45 70 85
152.4 120 135 152.4
Max. Flow(L/min) 114 160 250
Max. Pressure(MPa) 50 45 45
Motor Power(Kw) 90 160 200
Entry Dia.(mm) 50 50 75
Exit Dia.(mm) 25 25 32
Weight(Kg) 4000 6000 8000
Dimension(mm) 2700X1800X1600 3350X2300X1800 3350X2500X1800


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