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Pavement Shot Blasting Machine Cleaner Reduces Bridge Deck Cracks

Source:Guanyu Machinery2020-08-09

Before the waterproof construction of the bridge deck, it is necessary to pre-treat the concrete on the surface of the bridge body. This work is generally done by using a road shot blasting machine. After the construction is completed, if the bridge deck appears due to construction technology or material quality In order to prevent cracks and diseases, shot blasting equipment can generally be used to assist in the repair, because the shot blasting process has the effect of not damaging the bridge deck concrete. Compared with the milling machine, the road shot blasting machine can prevent bridge deck cracks and protect the bridge deck. Severe mechanical shock.

Road maintenance

Pavement shot blasting machine cleaning machine, construction technology for bridge deck. Let's take a look at the types of cracks on the bridge deck

(1) Micro cracks. It is generally the initial manifestation of cracks, which will develop into linear or lattice cracks. The occurrence of such cracks is related to the quality of asphalt mixture and bridge vibration, deflection and stress transmission. When there is water on the bridge deck, the water will seep downward and affect the superstructure of the bridge.

(2) Linear cracks, that is, cracks that are basically distributed along a straight line along the transverse or longitudinal direction of the bridge. Such cracks mostly occur in bridges with large deflection. Due to the vibration characteristics of the bridge, local stress concentration occurs and cracks occur. Such cracks will increase the damage to the bridge deck pavement over time.

Floor portable shot blasting machine
Floor portable shot blasting machine


(3) Lattice cracks, that is, cracks develop into interconnected grids, which are formed by the continuous development of the above two types of cracks, which will increase the water damage of the bridge deck paving and reduce the driving safety.

(4) Large area cracks. Such cracks are generally uniformly distributed tortoise-shaped fine cracks, usually appearing on cement concrete paving. During the paving process of cement concrete slabs, due to improper surface repair, high temperature, poor maintenance, etc., the surface shrinkage cracks on the surface of the concrete slab due to excessive water loss are caused. Such cracks generally only penetrate the concrete surface. A few millimeters will not continue to develop. In addition, if the material used undergoes an alkali-aggregate reaction, it will also cause large-area cracks in the pavement layer, the cracks are irregularly distributed, and sometimes cause the board to warp.


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