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Blasting Machine

Blasting Machine

Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Roll Shot Blasting Machine is a combination of clean-steel outer wall of cleaning machine, by blasting to clean the outer surface of the steel pipe...


Product Details

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machines/Roll Shot Blasting Machine is a combination of clean-steel outer wall of cleaning machine, by blasting to clean the outer surface of the steel pipe, shot by throwing inside to clean surface, so that the surface oxide are rid off.

It is used before welding or painting on its outer surface treatment of the pipes.


The series of QG inner and outer wall special shot blasting machine for surface treatment, wiping up the oxide coating, welding slag, appearing the metallic sheen, increasing the area of the surface, which is in favor of UV. It applies in the line of petroleum & chemical, steel, city centralized heating, centralized drainage etc.

Blast wheel arranged in a suitable location (such as room or the side of body below), the work piece edge to edge into the rotation, will enable the different effect of diameter of the pipe line Shot blastin.


1. Wide application, Easy to install and use.

2. Customized, Meet your needs.

3. Good stability, Low failure rate (technical maturity, technical precipitation, skilled workers).

4. Exquisite appearance (mature craft).

5. Large factories, Prompt delivery.

6. Strict quality inspection department.

7. Factory direct selling with competitive price.

8. Over 10 years' production experience.

9. Professional design team to serve you.

10. Mainly electrical control system adoptsinternational brand.

11. CE certificate assure you our quality.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Cleaning Size (mm) Cleaning Speed (m/min) Purposes
QGW100 50-300 2-10 Outer Wall
QGW720 159-720 2-6 Outer Wall
QGW1200 219-1016 1-6 Outer Wall
QGW1500 325-1600 1-6 Outer Wall
QGW2800 1016-2800 1-2 Outer Wall
QGN100 50-300 1-4 Inner Wall
QGN700 325-720 1-2 Inner Wall
QGN1000 720-1016 1-4 Inner Wall
QGN1500 1016-1500 1-4 Inner Wall

Work Effect:

Work Effect


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