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Blasting Machine

Blasting Machine

Mobile Floor Shot Blasting Machine

Floor shot blasting machine is an environmental friendly product specifically developed for construction and maintenance of various kinds of roads.


Product Details

1. Product Introduction for shot blasting machine

Floor shot blasting machine is an environmental-friendly product specifically developed for construction and maintenance of various kinds of roads; The Floor shot blasting machine system works using a high performance airless, centrifugal blast wheel for propelling blast media at a high velocity in a controlled pattern and direction. Different surface profiles can be achieved by varying shot size, shot flow rates and machine travel speed. Shot blasting is a time saving process that strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.

2. How Does It Work

It can keep dust-free and non-pollution during the construction; and the abrasive can be automatically recycled.

How Does It Work

3. Application:

1) water proofing and rough making for concrete bridge deck,

2) cleaning and rough making for asphalt pavement, increasing the roughness of surface; 3)recovery of anti-skid performance for pavements, tunnels and bridges;

4) cleaning of fatting up and marks; decay-resistant treatment of steel bridge deck;

5) rubber and marks removing for airport pavement.

4. Technical Parameters

ITEMS 270 600 850
Structure Size 1000*300*1100mm 1950*720*1400mm 1950*1020*1550mm
Weight 150KG 570KG 700KG
Shot Blasting Width 270mm 550-600mm 800mm
Walking Speed 0.5-20m/min 0.5-33m/min 0.5-33m/min
Shot Blasting Efficiency --concrete ≥180 ㎡/h ≥400 ㎡/h ≥600 ㎡/h
Shot Blasting Efficiency--Iron Steel 15-25㎡/h 75-100 ㎡/h 100-160 ㎡/h
Power Supply 400V,50Hz,100A,CEE plug 400V,50Hz,100A,CEE plug 400V,50Hz,100A,CEE plug
shots consume 150-200kg/㎡ 150-200kg/㎡ 150-200kg/㎡

5.Main Features

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing.

4) Running in a high automation and intelligence, no pollution

5) Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor ,which can directly inline with filling machine .

6.Images of single cylinder and double cylinder shot blasting machine.

Ground shot blasting machine delivery

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