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Construction Machinery

Slipform Concrete Paver

GYH4000/6000/8000 Slipform Concrete Paver are designed with full hydraulic drive, centralized computer control with real-time monitoring and self-diagnostic capabilities


Product Details

GYH4000/6000/8000 Slipform Concrete Paver are designed with full hydraulic drive, centralized computer control with real-time monitoring and self-diagnostic capabilities, and auto levelling and tracing systems.

This innovative, advanced and practical machine of high standard is a key specialty equipment for the construction of high-speed railway and concrete road.


1.GYH4000/6000/8000 are suitable for the construction of concrete road, airport, plaza, and also for high-speed railway support layer.

2.Simultaneous operations of hydraulic-activity supporting course, scraping, vibrating, tamping and extruding at the same time.

3.Full hydraulic independent drive, micro-computer with display and self-diagnostic capability.

4.Auto levelling and tracing systems to ensure paving flatness, straightness and smoothness at road bends.

5.Ergonomically designed with smart controls for operational comfort and ease.

6.Imported key components to ensure machine reliability and prolong service life of the paver.


1.Engine: Volvo / Cummins water-cooled engine, powerful, high-torque reservation, low fuel consumption, emission in conformity with Europe environment.

2.Vibration Device: Super-high frequency, strong vibration, high density of top-side paving

3.Auto Levelling System: Auto levelling and tracing systems ensures paving surface flatness and road straightness.

4.Scraping Plate: Controlled through two hydraulic cylinders to control concrete quantity incoming to shaping-template, which could go up & down wholly or up & down independently at either lh or rh.

5.Travelling System: Two hydraulic-drive crawlers and microcomputer control ensure pre-set constant speed, correct straight-line running and smooth steering at bends.

6.Centralized Lubrication: Centralized lubrication can auto. Charge lubrication grease to high-temperature and motive components, lengthen wear-out period effectively, greatly improve reliability of tamper and feeding.


Slipform Concrete Paver Specifications

Description Unit GYH 4000 GYH 6000 GYH 8000
Paving width mm *3000-4000 3400-6000 4250-8000
Max. paving thickness mm 0-350 0-350 0-350
Paving speed m/min 0-10 0-10 0-10
Travelling speed km/h 0-1.5 0-1.5 0-1.5
Engine model   QSB4.5-C160-30, Cummins **TAD552VE, Volvo ***TAD851VE, Volvo
Engine power kW/rpm 119/2200 **160/2200 ***185/2200
Vibrator bar   High frequency hydraulic drive High frequency hydraulic drive High frequency hydraulic drive
Drive system   Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive
Overall size mm 4000x5300x2800 4000x7300x2800 4000x9300x2800
Machine weight kg 17000 24000 27000

*: Optionally, the basic paving width is 3000mm or 3050mm, and the paving width is widened by 250mm or 300mm interval. It is customized by the customer according to the actual construction requirements.

**: option 1 – QSB6.7-C220-30, Cummins, 163 kW/2200rpm; option 2 – TAD850VE, Volvo, 160 kW/2200rpm.

***: option – QSB6.7-C260-30, Cummins, 194 kW/2200rpm.


Slipform Concrete Paver Loading

Slipform Concrete Paver Construction Site

Slipform Concrete Paver Construction Site


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