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Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine For Steel Pipe Has Good Effect Of Removing Rust And Paint

Source:Guanyu Machinery2020-08-09

How about the rust removal effect of steel pipe shot blasting machine? Derusting and descaling increases surface roughness and improves paint adhesion. Which steel pipe shot blasting machine, steel pipe shot blasting machine manufacturer, steel pipe shot blasting machine manufacturer is better? Steel pipe shot blasting For machine manufacturers, the steel pipe shot blasting machine is a kind of equipment for removing rust and scale on the surface of steel pipes. There are two options: one is shot blasting while rotating, or several shots or one shot blasting separately. Shot blasting in the room, both types of shot blasting machines need dust collectors to remove dust to ensure environmental protection!

Roll Shot Blasting Machine
Roll Shot Blasting Machine

Steel pipe shot blasting machine | Steel pipe shot blasting machine | Steel pipe surface shot blasting sand blasting cleaning | Multiple steel pipe shot blasting machine | Roller type shot blasting machine | Steel pipe rust removing shot blasting machine is a kind of cleaning steel pipe The outer wall cleaning machine cleans the outer surface of the steel pipe through shot blasting, so that the surface oxide scale, rust and rust are removed. The machine mainly uses the high-speed shot stream thrown by the high-efficiency and powerful shot blasting device to blast the surface of the rotating workpiece in the chamber to remove other sticky sand, rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale and other debris, and make it fine The smooth surface of the steel improves the adhesion of the paint film and the surface of the steel, and improves the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel, improves the internal quality of the steel, and extends its service life.

Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting assembly, conveying roller table, feeding mechanism, unloading mechanism, screw conveyor, hoist, maintenance platform, blast separator, dust removal system and electronic control system.


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