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Construction Machinery

XL-50C Crawler Rotary Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

It is suitable for the rotary grouting construction of railway, highway, bridge, dam foundation and various industrial and civil building foundation treatment and reinforcement


Product Details

1. Purpose

It is suitable for the rotary grouting construction of railway, highway, bridge, dam foundation and various industrial and civil building foundation treatment and reinforcement; anchoring engineering of foundation pit support; supporting with air compressor and pneumatic down-the-hole hammer can be used for pipe drilling It can be used for general rotary jetting (swing jetting, fixed jetting) engineering construction, but also for shallow hole drilling and engineering survey drilling.

2. Main features

1. It adopts full hydraulic control, convenient and flexible operation, crawler chassis loading, convenient and quick walking and moving in place, long power head stroke, reducing auxiliary time.

2. Direct-acting load feedback fine-tuning variable hydraulic system, power changes with load, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

3. The special valve with friction positioning is adopted for the rotation, and its characteristics fully meet the requirements of the rotary jet process.

4. The power head has a wide variable speed range, which can meet the requirements of various formations and different drilling techniques.

5. Equipped with slewing support, the hole position can be transferred to the side of the crawler when needed.

6. Compact structure, centralized operation, convenient and safe.

7. Equipped with display devices for vertical drilling tower, power head rotation and lifting speed.

3. Supporting drilling tools

1. Single pipe drilling and spraying integrated construction method, with three-wing drill bit or in-line drill bit at the front end and Ф42 or Ф50 drill pipe; suitable for high-speed drilling in soil, sand and other formations.

2. Rotary grouting anchor rope construction method, equipped with 65 locking anchor rod thruster and anchor rope drill pipe, suitable for anchor rope reinforcement.

3. Single-tube, double-tube, three-tube rotary spray, swing spray, fixed spray and other construction methods.

Fourth, the main technical parameters

Drilling depth 50m
Drill pipe diameter φ42mm φ50mm φ73mm
Drilling angle Left and right ± 3° tilt forward 10° tilt backward 90°
Maximum torque 3000N/m
Driving speed 1.km/h
Gradeability 30°
Power head speed High: 0—148r/min Low: 0—48r/min
Rated lifting force of power head; 30kN
Power head allows pressure 12kN
Power head lifting/pressurizing speed 0.06~0.9/1.8 m/min
Fast lifting of power head 0~22/0~28 m/min
Power head stroke 3500mm
Dimensions (when working) 2600×1800×4600
Dimensions (when transported) 1780×1800×4600
Overall quality 2800 kg

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