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Introduction to the basic operation method of internal combustion rock drill

Source:Guanyu Machinery2020-08-25

According to production needs, different types of rock drills can be used. In the history of industrial development, rock drills have played a great role. According to their power source, rock drills can be divided into four categories: pneumatic rock drills, internal combustion rock drills, electric rock drills and hydraulic rock drills. The internal combustion rock drill is a widely used rock drill.

Introduction to the basic operation method of internal combustion rock drill

Internal Combustion Rock Drill

The basic operation method of internal combustion rock drill:

1 Signals should be used to notify relevant personnel when starting up. At the same time, the drill pipe should not be stuck with debris, and all parts of the human body and clothing should not touch the drill pipe (or exhaust pipe). 

2 According to drilling requirements, select drill rods, drill bits and brackets. The exposed rock part of the drill rod shall not exceed 2m. 

3 When starting to drill, you must straighten the rock drill and open the air door slightly. After the hole is opened, open the big air door. The drilling and the drill pipe must be concentric. 

4 Before drilling, the air (water) blowing (washing) switch should be turned to blow (wash) the dust at the drilling site. 

5 The axial thrust of the drilling hole should be moderate, and the vibration of the machine should be small without overloading.

6 When the clamp rod is encountered during operation, the air door must be closed, and the rock drill body must be turned by hand to make the steel drill rotate to loosen the drill bit and move back along the drilling direction. Do not use the rock drill in operation to pull out the steel drill, and do not use the rock drill to force the drill back. When replacing the drill bit, the air door must also be closed first. 

7 For air-leg and column-frame rock drills, when the forward direction of the steel drill and the rock drill are inconsistent, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and rule out. 

8 When installing and replacing drills for internal combustion rock drills, reduce the opening of the throttle valve to make the machine run slowly. Only when the hole is opened can the throttle valve be fully opened while applying appropriate pressure, but body pressure is not allowed.

9 When the internal combustion rock drill is temporarily shut down, the copper sheet on the shield should be lifted off to ground the spark plug wire. 

10 When the electric rock drill is working, pay attention to whether the current value is normal.

11 When working on a cliff, you must wear a safety belt and tighten it properly before you can work.

12 Frequently check whether the mechanical parts are operating normally, and if necessary, stop the machine for inspection and eliminate it. It is strictly forbidden to run the machine with disease. 

13 When firing, the rock drill must be placed in a safe place.


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