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How to use the steel pipe shrinking machine?


Before using the pipe shrinking machine, it is necessary to clearly understand the principle, precautions and use methods of the pipe shrinking machine in order to better use the pipe shrinking machine. Let's understand it together below.

steel pipe shrinking machine
steel pipe shrinking machine


1. The principle of the steel pipe shrinking machine: through mechanical transmission, the steel pipe is driven to rotate, and one end of the steel pipe is heated with flame. When a certain temperature is reached, the heated steel pipe head is driven by a forming mold until it reaches the required shape until.

2. The structure of the steel pipe shrinking machine: Weld a site with channel steel, and the power end is equipped with a motor, a reducer and a chuck (for pipe clamping, it can be replaced by a lathe chuck). A support base (openable) is installed at the other end, and a heating ring is fixed on the outer end of the support base (8-10 nozzles, welded to a copper pipe ring by gas welding). On the outermost side is a movable bracket on which an alloy mold is installed.

3. How to use the steel pipe shrinking machine: fix the pipe on the pipe shrinking machine and turn on the heater (ring). After the temperature is reached, the alloy mold is pushed, and the shape of the tube head meets the requirements. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.


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